Affiliate Article Marketing

Affiliate Article MarketingArticle marketing has become increasingly popular as a way to earn money online, and this popularity is growing every day. If you have not investigated it previously, you might be wondering “what is article marketing”.

Way affiliates use articles for promoting products:

A brief description of the way affiliates use articles for promoting products is that you write articles on a particular topic, then submit your articles to online article directories, people who read your articles and find them interesting click through to your website or blog to learn more. The idea is that, once at your website, these people will find a product they want to buy and this will earn you commission.

Monetizing through articles:

Alternatively, your articles might direct readers to a website or blog which contains more articles on the same topic. The website would be what is called “monetized”. This means the web pages would contain advertising (Google AdSense is the most famous) themed to match the content of your articles. You would receive a payment from the advertiser every time a visitor clicked on the link in an advertisement on your website.

Reasons for popularity of article marketing:

Article marketing is a promotional technique used by many internet marketers and it is particularly popular with affiliate marketers. The reason for this popularity is that there is no financial outlay required; as long as you are prepared to spend time writing articles, this is a great form of free online advertising.

Article marketing, although it is newly popular, is not a new invention; its rise in popularity has come about because numerous enterprising internet marketers have incorporated article marketing into the list of techniques they teach in internet marketing training courses. Obviously, the inclusion of a completely free form of advertising is an excellent selling point for a training course.

Advantage of article marketing:

The number one advantage of article marketing is undoubtedly that it is 100% free. It is also highly effective, simple to do and does not depend on any “black hat” tricks. Practically anyone can use article marketing successfully; all you need is to be able to write short articles in simple English. There is no need for an author to go through higher education; the ability to communicate in an interesting fashion is far more important than any college degree.